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Finale is a beautiful tool that helps you build good habits and get rid of bad ones.

Unlimited. Forever.

habit streaks
create habits

Our life is full of small habits, so self-improvement often means changing what you do on a daily basis.

🍳  Cook at home

🎹  Practice music

📖  Keep a daily journal

😁  Smile more

helping each other


custom habits

just for you

Build streaks by completing habits every day

📅  It takes about 21 days to form a new habit.

🔥  Complete habits every day and watch your streak grow.

💯 Don't skip a day, or your progress will reset to 0.

We all are different, so Finale lets you customize your habits and create something unique for everyone

📝  Create your habit

🌈  Choose from a variety of colors

👀  Pick an icon that fits you best

⏰  Set custom reminders

habit widget
habit tracking widget

Track your habits on the home screen with a beautiful widget

🖼️  Beautiful widget to keep you up to date with your current habits and streaks

🏘️  Two sizes to fit everyone's style

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